The most popular excavator brands on the market


The excavator market is full of high-quality equipment made by renowned manufacturers. Many of them offer reliable equipment that will last for many years without fail. Which brands are among the most popular? Find out in the following overview.

Overview of the most popular brands of excavators

There are a total of well over 50 players in the global market for excavator manufacturers. However, the following companies are at the clear forefront of popularity (the order is random):


Caterpillar is the undisputed winner in terms of popularity, both in its native United States (the brand originated in Illinois) and in Europe. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment – its range includes a wide variety of crawler excavators, backhoe wheel loaders, mini-excavators, articulated haulers, wheeled excavators and many other machines. The wide selection, high quality and easy availability of parts are among the unquestionable advantages of this American brand. So it should come as no surprise that yellow machines with the distinctive CAT on the frame are such a common sight.


This is another Japanese brand in this list, this time hailing from Osaka. Kubota manufactures heavy agricultural and construction equipment using its own components. Today, the brand has a global reach with more than 34 overseas dealerships in Canada, the USA, Spain, France, the UK, Germany and Poland, among others. The brand guarantees the attention to detail typical of Japanese technological thought and the use of the latest available technology. This makes the brand’s crawler excavators and other equipment reach the podium in many popularity lists.


A reliable Swedish brand that most people associate with high-end passenger cars. However, its product range also includes trucks and other commercial vehicles, as well as heavy construction and agricultural equipment (to be more precise, these are Volvo AB products). The group’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg. The brand’s excavators are popular not only among Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegians, Finns), but also in other countries bordering the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland) and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia). It is interesting to note that Wrocław is home to the world’s only factory for the brand’s backhoe loaders.


JCB (actually J C Bamford Excavators) is a British company that manufactures construction (especially excavators) and agricultural machinery and power generators. In 1953, the company created the world’s first backhoe loader. The brand’s headquarters are located in Rocester, England. JCB excavators are very popular in many European countries – apart from the obvious ones like the UK and Ireland, these include Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.


The Japanese enterprise Komatsu (founded in the town of the same name) is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of construction machinery (behind Caterpillar). Its product range includes numerous mini-excavators, hydraulic excavators, compact track loaders, bulldozers and articulated and rigid dump trucks. The brand is also known for producing the largest bulldozer, the Komatsu D575. The company has also expanded its range to include military equipment.


The presence of another Japanese (this time originating from Sakaka) brand in this list should come as no surprise – the country’s equipment provides high performance and faultlessness, with convenient operation and servicing. Takeuchi’s services focus mainly on supplying compact excavators – most of the models produced are crawler excavators, although the portfolio also includes wheeled excavators and both crawler and wheeled loaders. The brand’s products are easily distinguishable even from a distance by their red and white colour scheme.


Hitachi is a Japanese technology conglomerate with its headquarters in Tokyo. The conglomerate has a vast range of services, with Hitachi construction machinery being just one of its branches. Nevertheless, the brand’s excavators are at the forefront of popularity in many countries around the world, with both new and used machines often ranking second or third in terms of popularity. With active research and development centres spread across Asia, North America and Europe, the company is constantly developing its proprietary technologies and can deliver some of the most advanced heavy equipment.

excavators parked in a row”

Other noteworthy excavator brands

In addition to the above-listed representatives of the construction equipment industry, there are many other highly regarded manufacturers, such as:

  • Atlas
  • John Deere
  • Case
  • Bobcat
  • FAI
  • Halla
  • IHI
  • Libra
  • New Holland

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The most popular excavator manufacturers – a summary

The global excavator manufacturing industry is very extensive. Nevertheless, some brands clearly stand out in terms of popularity. The best example here is Caterpillar, which is both the largest and most popular supplier of heavy construction equipment virtually worldwide. There are also many companies from Japan at the forefront of popularity, which should come as no surprise – the country is renowned for its advanced technology and attention to detail.


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The most popular excavator brands on the market
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