Final drive Caterpillar / CAT 303.5, 303.5CR

Brand new, hybrid track motor (2 speeds – 1 speed possible) for crawler excavator Caterpillar / CAT 303.5, 303.5CR. Complete track unit – final drive together with hydraulic motor.

Guarantee: 12 months


New travel device (travel motor / track motor) compatible with Caterpillar / CAT (models: 303.5, 303.5CR). The whole product was designed and manufactured by ATM Hydraulic factory. This is a technologically advanced, highest quality travel unit. Fully repairable, spare parts like bearings, floating seals, gears are available and relatively cheap.

This product fits: Caterpillar / CAT 303.5, 303.5CR

Shipment: in 24 hours

Inner diameter in machine frame: 165 mm
Number of bolt holes in machine frame: 9 or 12
Number of bolt holes in sprocket: 9 or 12
Number of hydraulic hoses / pipes: 3 or 4
Inner diameter in sprocket: 204 mm
Catalogue number / Part number: 163-9757


Please measure of dimension D (scheme here) and please count number of bolts fixing sprocket
Please measure of dimension A (scheme here)


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